Report Distributed Treasures - Island Economies available

25 May 2011

Students of the Lund University and the authors of this report want to take you on a journey around the world to 7 islands, all on their own paths of development. A common thread amoung the showcased islands is a desire by, or the potentioal for, innovation, diversity and regionalism in their communities. 

Learn more about

  1. Sustainability in Bonaire (Caribbean)
  2. The Bright Green Island Bornholm (Denmark)
  3. Lolland and the Rebithr of the Forgotten Island (Denmark)
  4. Sherkin Island: A Distributed Economy in Action (Ireland)   
  5. Ecotourism in Green Island (Taiwan)
  6. Norfold Island: a Small Scale Distributed Unit (Australia)
  7. Small-Scale Renewable Energy Project in Vanauata (Australia)


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