The Development Cluster Energy/Mobility

will be led by Delft University of Technology in cooperation with the University of Aalborg.

the actvities are:

  • Testing and applying the concept of ‘blue energy' (mixing salt water and fresh water in order to produce electricity) for island environments
  • Investigate the increased use and feasibility of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, wave and tidal energy
  • Designing and testing sustainable product services for island mobility, e.g. electric scooter concept and electric tuk-tuk
  • Optimizing sustainable transport between and on the islands
  • Link energy savings with the modernisation of housing


Also Lund University, the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), is working on the project; "The Future is distributed: a vision of sustainable economies" is a collection of case studies on distributed economies, a concept describing sustainable alternatives to the existing business models.

The authors of this publication are international Masters students of the Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management Programme at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University in Sweden.

The aim of their work is to demonstrate that local, small-scale, community-based economies are not just part of the theory, but have already been implemented in various sectors and geographical settings.

Presentations from all three universities can be found at the right side of this page.

This presentation is in pdf. (download adobe here).

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